Antoine Courtois

An excellent orchestral instrument, the Evolution 700EVIIH Tenor Trombone offers a great deal of volume and projection without distortion. The Hagmann F rotor mechanism is smooth, friction free, and noiseless, allowing the music to be heard and not the mechanics of the instrument. The 700EVIIH comes equipped with a chrome plated nickel inner slide that is long wearing and resists corrosion.

The Bell:
All Antoine Courtois Bells are crafted by hand from the highest quality materials, then tempered to create a full, rich sound and ideal response. Bell performances are defined by several variables; material composition, manufacturing process and weight. This highly consistant instrument has a resonant, projecting sound, custom tailored to the requirements of solo, ensemble or section trombonists.

Evolution 700 series trombones are provided with either durable lacquer or silver-plated finish at the same price. Instruments are also available goldplated on special request.

Models of slides are specified by bore size and construction. Tubing is drawn to exact tolerances, then carefully assembled and aligned on toolings to assure trouble-free action. They are available in either light-weight or medium-weight with a choice of two bores.

Main bow:
The bell main bow is soldered to a plate giving better sound response. Its weight has been studied to assure the instrument has an excellent balance for the musician. 'Antoine Courtois - Paris' is hand engraved on this plate.

The special acoustic design of Antoine Courtois leadpipes assures precise intonation and greater sound control. A wide variety is available, including two different lengths - 220mm (model 1), 240mm (model 2), three metal alloys - brass (B), nickel silver (N) and sterling silver (S), as well as three different sized tapers, L (standard), ML and XL. On a trombone, the leadpipe could be assimilated to the clarinet mouthpiece as choice is specific to each musician. It is for this reason that we decided to deliver each Evolution trombone with four different leadpipes (1BL, 1NL, 2BL and 2NL).

Valve sections with F-attachments are available with a choice of either the wellknown Hagmann valve "free flow", EVH, noted for its open sound and fast mechanical action, or the new Courtois rotary valve open bows, EVB, with clean and clear response in the low register unequaled by more conventional valve designs.

Evolution 700 series trombones offer the advantage of two instruments in one. Convertible is interchangeable to F rotor or straight sections by simply removing the tuning slide crook and bell.